The Benefits of Pre-Applied Loctite® vs Field Applied Loctite®

To remove the need to apply sealants, and adhesives during assembly, we offer a complete range of pre-applied Loctite® coatings for locking and/or sealing. Here are a few of the major reasons why our customers choose us, and why you should too!

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Standardized application, no mess and no wait, ready to use, which saves time and cost.

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Range of strengths for many applications and colors for easy identification

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All are water-based products, so no fear of fire, health or safety risks

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They have a high temperature
resistance – up to 400°F

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Adheres to many substrates

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Available for a wide range of fastener sizes and becomes a lock and seal fastener when coated

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NSF 61 Approval for DRI (Dri-Seal) products

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Solvent/chemical resistant- all oils (motor, ATF), water, glycol, petrol, diesel

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