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Paul H

A Five Star Organization!

In my position as an Expeditor at Hubbell Power Systems / Electric Motion Company of Winsted, Connecticut, I must rely on the expedience and quality of The Coating House services regarding their coating product. My orders require an average of 20,000 bolts of many varieties and materials that are used in critical areas of grounding for HIGH POWERED electrical equipment such as Transformers, Cell towers, Power Stations, Telephone Poles, and Underground Powerlines. In many situations we have had emergencies regarding Demanding Challenges when outfitting Power Companies after natural disasters such as Hurricanes and Floods. Our challenges become a challenge for The Coating House to help us expedite orders to help get people in large communities both Domestically and Internationally out of the dark. We have always had success with our collaboration. In addition, over the many years of our business relationship I have enjoyed not only the professionalism of The Coating House Staff, but also the comfort of friendly, courteous communicationas well.

Paul H
Hubbell Power Systems